How Can Virtualisation Help Your Business?

Wednesday 21st August 2019

Virtualisation is a type of technology that allows users to execute computing tasks with the help of a virtualised environment. Let's understand how virtualisation for small businesses works. Consider your business requires a virtual server to perform business processes. Here, the term virtual server refers to a little portion of your physical server. Typically, your physical server has dedicated r resources where each user can use them one-by-one. By using virtualisation in a business, you can facilitate several users to share a single physical server at the same time. This strategy falls under server virtualisation. Other types of virtualisation include storage, desktop, data, and network virtualisation. Following are some key aspects that demonstrate the benefits of virtualisation in a business.…

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Customer story: Hershey

Tuesday 20th August 2019

What Are the Must-Have Features in a Private Cloud?

Wednesday 14th August 2019

There are several services to consider while choosing a private cloud. The most important ones are listed below. 1. Self-Service Portal First things first, make sure that you can get a self-service portal with your private cloud. The objective of a private cloud is to provide the authorised users with access to design and manage their resources for the virtual machines. Thus, at a bare minimum, a self-service portal must enable users to execute basic management functions. Going beyond, a self-service portal that is also intuitive can enrich the experience to a considerable extent. Apart from enhancing business agility, private clouds also decrease IT workloads. Some portion of the administrative burden is transferred to the self-service users, who can handle their respective virtual…

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Day in the life Retail

Tuesday 13th August 2019