4 Reasons Why You Must Install a SSL Certificate

4 Reasons Why You Must Install a SSL Certificate

Monday 21st January 2019

Now that you have understand SSL certificates, you must wonder are they so popular? An SSL certificate provides the following advantages.

1. Protection of Data

One of the most fundamental objectives of SSL certificates is to safeguard the communication between clients and the server. When SSL is integrated in a website, all the information is protected with encryption. In simpler words, the information is locked with a key and can only be unlocked by a recipient who holds access to the key. This is especially useful when the data in a website is too sensitive, like financial information (credit card or debit card details) or credentials (ID/passwords). When this data is encrypted, cybercriminals face a mountain to climb for hacking.

2. Identity Verification

Another feature of a SSL certificate is its facilitation to authenticate websites. In the Web, it is extremely important to ensure that the identity of clients and servers are verified. This is necessary because historically, lack of identity verification has lead to numerous crimes. Even today, it is not uncommon for criminals to masquerade as credible authorities as they engage in textbook crimes like blackmailing, identity theft, robbery etc along with cybercrimes like ransomware, botnet, Trojan, and other attacks.

So, how does SSL confirm identity? Well, SSL installed websites are required to pass a validation mechanism which is designed by CA (certificate authority). These CAs are independent and provide the verification of the identity for a browser or server. When an identity is authenticated, the website receives trust indicators which guarantee the security of the website. Such trust indicators are then taken into account by users to ensure the identity of a website. This validation is not too dissimilar to social media accounts where users have to follow certain steps to verify their account.

3. Online Payments

Do you manage an e-commerce website? Does your website allow online transactions?
Websites who accept online payments require PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance. PCI has constructed 12 mandatory conditions for website to receive online payments. Among these 12 conditions, a SSL certificate is one of the listed requirements. Hence, if you plan to integrate online payments into your website, then SSL is a must!

4. Consumer Faith

There are times when a visitor is impressed by the products and services of a website. However, just when they are about to purchase, they change their mind. So, what causes this sudden change? Well, sometimes the reason is the lack of a SSL certificate.
The introduction of SSL in a website provides a tremendous boost to the "trust" factor of a website. Today consumers are picky and smart—they assess a business carefully before initiating a business transaction. The integration of SSL certificate is viewed as a sign of security and therefore it encourages potential clients to conduct business with a website.

Final Thoughts
Hopefully, by now you must have made your mind to install a SSL certificate. To do this, contact us so we can guide you through the complete process.