What Is Website Hosting?

What Is Website Hosting?

Wednesday 23rd January 2019

Earlier, a business was recognised by its storefront. However, today a business may have a physical store or not; but it must have a well-running website! A website, on the other hand, can never be live and made publicly available for users to see, without website hosting!

What Is Website Hosting?
A website hosting can be seen as the location which stores all of the resources of a website like its documents, audios, videos, or HTML/CSS files. The host for a website allocates server room for you're the resources of your website.

Why Not My Own Server?
Now you may think about storing these web resources on your own home or office server. Yes, such a practice is possible; but only on paper. Practically, as your business would increase with size, your server may not be able to fulfil your computing requirements. Hence, website hosting is delegated to companies which specialise in the provision of such services. These companies have extremely powerful and large servers for processing your hosting needs.

Why Get Website Hosting?

If you use your own server for hosting, then you will have to address its security concerns too. With the increasing cyberattacks, non-IT businesses are often unable to incorporate the most effective cybersecurity measures in their premises. With a reliable hosting provider like Cloud4Sure, you can be comfortable with the fact that your website has all the necessary security measures in place.

You could be inclined to using some free web hosting solutions. However, these solutions are detrimental to your business because you are forced to market them along with the name of your business. When clients see this, they deem the business as non-serious, and therefore the credibility of a business takes a hit. Likewise, these platforms are always too restrictive .i.e. they do not allow much customisations for your website. You can only have some access to tools and features which means that at times, you will have to compromise.

On the other hand, by signing in for a hosting provider like Cloud4Sure, you do not have to make compromises. You can freely market your business name without any hindrance. Likewise, you will have the option to get a multitude of plugins, tools, and different types of customisations that can help to instantly increase your revenues.

Technical Support
Perhaps, the biggest advantage of a web hosting provider is the assurance of having a technical team in times of need. For non-IT businesses, such a team can be extremely useful. Sometimes, due to unforeseen reasons, a business may have certain technical issues with their websites which may mean downtime. Such scenarios can be costly especially in peak seasons.

However, if you have Cloud4Sure at your back, then you do not have to worry about such conundrums.
Do you have a website? Are you unsatisfied with your current hosting provider? Do you want your online presence? Well, looks like you would benefit hugely from the services of Cloud4Sure. Contact us so we can assist you to become the best in your industry.