5 Tips for Choosing an SSL Certificate Provider

5 Tips for Choosing an SSL Certificate Provider

Friday 25th January 2019

If you are looking for an SSL certificate provider, then most probably you are going to "Google" the best SSL provider and trust the search results. This practice may sound good for daily tasks, but SSL certificate is a serious topic, and you cannot trust the first result that pops up on your search engine results page. Moreover, there is a lot of paid marketing on Google, which means that these results are not based on merit.

Instead, save some time and thoroughly research for a dependable SSL provider. In order to get help on your quest, consider the following tips.

1. Dedicated Phone Support
The management of website addresses several IT related issues, and this may hamper the functioning of your website. At times like these, an SSL certificate provider who offers dedicated phone support can stand out be a life saver!

2. Presence of SSL certificate
Can you seriously trust an SSL certificates provider who does not incorporate SSL in their own website?
Certainly not! In the sea of SSL certificate providers, you would find several SSL providers who are negligent and do not power their websites with SSL certificates. Therefore, always make sure to keep an eye on the address bar and pick an SSL provider who actually walks the talk.

3. Offerings
It is important to understand that the suitability of an SSL certificate varies according to the type of website. An SSL certificate that might be perfect for your website may not necessarily stand out as the all-purpose solution for other types of website.
Some companies only provide a single SSL brand as an SSL certificate. This means that irrespective of your requirements and business structure, they are forced to recommend the same solution. Hence, choose an SSL provider that has multiple offerings of SSL brands, so your website gets a tailor-made fix.

4. Reference
There are some SSL certificate providers who falsely claim to be partners with reputable CAs. This makes them become more prominent and trustworthy in the eyes of their clients. Before choosing a SSL provider, you should verify their claims through reference letters. Thus, always make sure to ascertain the "actual" link between the CA and the reseller.

5. Monitoring
Some SSL providers forget their clients after some time and focus all their energy on the acquisition of new clients. This means that if their client's SSL certificate expires, then its security is completely diminished, thereby increasing the likelihood of cyberattacks.

Choose an SSL provider who does not only configures and installs SSL certificate for you but is also continuously managing and monitoring your certificates. Hence, whenever your certificate is close to expiration, such a provider can remind you and assist you to save your website from an
impending attack.

Final Thoughts
The selection of the right SSL certificate provider can serve your business for a long time. Therefore, contact us so we can help you find the right SSL certificate provider.