What Is a RapidSSL Certificate? Why Buy One?

What Is a RapidSSL Certificate? Why Buy One?

Monday 28th January 2019

Now that you understand why SSL certificates are so critical for businesses, it is the time to choose one. Perhaps, RapidSSL is the right SSL certificate for your website.

What Is a RapidSSL Certificate

A RapidSSL Certificate is used to encrypt or decode messages between the sender and receiver on the internet. These senders and receivers can be any two parties who exchange data.
For example, if you have a website that sells sports equipment, then the customer might require providing his or her personal and financial details to purchase a gear. In this scenario, the browser of the client is the sender, and your website is the receiver. However, this information might be illegally accessed by cybercriminals who plan to steal this information and engage in fraudulent practices. Conversely, if you provide a client with their unique ID information, then your server is the sender while the client's browser becomes the receiver while the cyberthreat remains the same.
Apart from enabling the protection of communication between the server and the browser, RapidSSL also assists webmasters in quickening their enrolment through automated domain control validation.
In domain control validation, an email is sent to the registrar's listed authority by the RapidSSL. This is done to verify the domain control. In this procedure, a website is contacted via email and is requested to provide a contact number so they can be contacted after the submission of the enrolment. When all the relevant information is verified in the validation procedure, then the SSL certificate is promptly furnished to the website.

Why Buy RapidSSL?

1. Lost Cost
RapidSSL provides a chance to buy an affordable certificate from one of the most well known CAs (certificate authorities). RapidSSL is a subsidiary of GeoTrust, one of the most prominent and profitable brands in the CA industry.

2. Speed
If you are in a hurry, then the RapidSSL would not force you to wait much. RapidSSL does not require any faxing of documents. The SSL certificates are delivered within a few minutes thanks largely to automated validation system.

3. Installation
The installation and configuration of SSL certificates is sometimes tricky. Luckily, with 24/7 website support and Cloud4Sure at your back, you can easily install RapidSSL.

4. Security
Due to the support of more than 99% percent browsers of RC (root certificate), there would be a noticeable decrease in security alerts and improvement in the confidence of potential clients. The encryption applied in RapidSSL supports up to 256-bit SSL encryption to prevent sensitive information and business transactions to be exploited.

5. Warranty
RapidSSL offers warranty of up to $10,000 in case of any issues. For those who are unsatisfied with its impact, there is always a 30-day initial window to ask for a refund.
Final Thoughts

We have found RapidSSL to be one of the most impressive SSL certificates out there. Contact us so we can guide you about RapidSSL and how to apply for its certification.