What is a Hybrid Cloud and how can it Help Your Business

What is a Hybrid Cloud and how can it Help Your Business

Thursday 14th March 2019

Hybrid Cloud technology is increasingly becoming popular among corporations. The technology is termed as the cloud architecture of the future. You don't have to be an expert in cloud computing to understand it or to know how hybrid cloud can help your business. If you want to learn more about hybrid clouds, just read along.

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

A Hybrid cloud is a standardised technology that combines two or more cloud systems. These cloud systems (community, private or public) remain as separate entities but are co-exist and function under the technology of hybrid clouds. This infrastructure not only caters the best features of all the cloud systems but also takes care of the limitations these systems have.
Typical cloud systems have improved efficiency, flexibility and the potential for expansion. But the problem with typical systems is that they have limited tangibility. Also, it's difficult to confirm a move from the existing cloud system. A hybrid cloud infrastructure addresses all these issues. Here are some ways hybrid clouds can boost your business.

Less Risk, More Security

Cyber-security threats are increasing every day. Business data is confidential and can be crucial for any business's success. This is why many owners are concerned about the security of their data.
Hybrid cloud computing provides higher control over data and can cut the risk of security breaches. Business owners have several options through hybrid cloud computing. They can deploy sensitive information on a private on-premise cloud and use public cloud options to host less important data. There's no one point of failure. Hence security risks are reduced by a great deal.


Every business has varying needs and software, hardware and service requirements depend on these needs. A hybrid cloud saves a company from getting locked in a single solution. The company can deploy only the hardware, software and service requirement it needs and leaves everything else.

Highly Customisable

Like all other solutions out there is no one size fits for cloud solutions. The needs of a company change over time and the technologies they use have to adapt to their needs. Whether the business is growing on its own or integrating with a larger business; a hybrid cloud system adapts to all circumstances.

Allows to Balance Budget

Private clouds are ideal for sustaining confidential information; whereas public clouds are relatively more affordable. Mass digitisation is increasing generation of information and organisations are becoming more and more data-dependent. Thus, they also have to rely on storage, computing and processing platforms to cater to that data. A hybrid cloud infrastructure can allow them to efficiently divide their resources to select what suits them.