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Business broadband solutions

The ubiquitous nature of internet communications makes having an effective broadband solution crucial for businesses of all sizes and across all sectors. Yet there is a large choice of services and providers out there that can be bewildering to navigate. Each business is unique and has its own, specific requirements.

It is important to access the right solutions and systems to enable uninterrupted, effective internet access and cloud-based operations. Key to achieving this is finding the right broadband in terms of connectivity, bandwidth and speed.

How business broadband can take you to the next level

So, what is the difference between business fibre broadband and the domestic equivalent that you use on your home? Put simply, business broadband comes with a range of added extras that have been designed to make running your business easier.

The main consideration is speed – business broadband tends to be faster than more limited domestic alternatives, and commercial users are prioritised over domestic accounts. Speeds can vary across fibre optic broadband providers, with some offering an impressive 1Gb service.

The service also provides users with a static IP address, which is vital if you need to log on to your computer remotely, operate a website or download your emails directly.

Business broadband solutions tend to come with enhanced tech and customer support to help your enterprise resolve any problems rapidly and get you back up and running with as little interruption as possible. Some packages even come with direct connection to a named contact for consistency.

The next thing to consider when choosing business broadband is the service level agreements, or SLAs, that are available. An SLA guarantees a certain standard of service, including average speeds, commitments towards restricting downtimes and faults repaired within an agreed set time.

This really helps businesses that rely on being available online 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Finally, cyber security is an area of growing importance as the internet increases in sophistication.

Choose a business broadband supplier that is taking cyber security very seriously and find out about any extras in place, such as data back up or access to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to mask your IP address and protect your digital privacy.

Connectivity types

As with most business services these days, there is a wide choice of options when it comes to choosing the connectivity of your business broadband. Here are some of the most common.


ASDL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It provides an internet connection via the copper wires of an existing telephone line, with a micro filter plugged in to separate the frequency of your broadband from your phone line.

This enables the user to talk on the phone at the same timer as using data and accessing the internet. Broadband services accessed via an ASDL are added to the user’s main phone package. ASDL is not the fastest service out there, but it provides a reliable, high-quality connection.


ASDL2 and ASDL2+ are, as might be guessed by their names, enhancements to the original ASDL technology. They provide higher speeds, especially if you are based closer to the telephone exchange.

ASDL2 uses the same bandwidth as ASDL; however, ASDL2+ uses double the amount. ASDL2 is generally the preferred option for users based further away from the exchange, while users of ASDL2+ can see significant improvements to their average speeds when located closer to it.


Fibre to the Cabinet, or FTTC operates via a combination of copper cable and fibre optic cable. The fibre optic cable runs from the telephone exchange to a roadside cabinet, where the connection is continued via copper cabling to the user.

There are two variations offering different speeds and users will need either an Ethernet router or ADSL router to deliver the connection.


Another option is FTTP, or Fibre to the Premises. This is a pure fibre optic connection from the exchange to the user, offering higher broadband speeds to geographical locations that have been enabled to receive the service.

This is a highly stable connectivity service and delivers consistent speeds, irrespective of how far the cable needs to run.


This is one of the newest forms of broadband technology on the market. It is seen as an upgrade to the FTTC, able to achieve speeds that are up to four times faster – up to a potential maximum download speed of 350Mb.

GFAST uses the existing FTTC infrastructure to connect to the user. GFAST users tend to be located around 500m or less to their nearest roadside cabinet.

Unmatched speeds

Broadband speed is a vitally important aspect to consider. Business broadband solutions tend to offer faster speeds than domestic alternatives; however, there are different speeds to choose from within the business broadband range.

Most providers can offer fibre broadband packages that go up to 76mB, while some can go further, offering speeds up to 1Gb. Whatever package you choose, business broadband customers are normally prioritised over domestic users, with fewer businesses sharing a broadband line to reduce pressure on connectivity.

Best internet and telephone deals

Many business fibre broadband services come with additional services, such as web hosting, cloud storage and multiple email addresses. Crucially, many also come with a more sophisticated phone line than those typically provided with a residential broadband package.

More complex systems, including VoIP lines, additional phone lines and non-geographic business phone numbers can all make a broadband deal more attractive.

As more and more businesses are choosing to buy their broadband and phone services from the same provider, so internet and telephone deals are becoming easier to find.

Often, you can pick and choose the elements that your enterprise needs to function, combining preferred speeds and added extras with the most useful phone line for your individual needs.

Cost-effective business internet

The large choice available of business fibre broadband packages. Speeds, connectivity options and additional functionality and extra services vary from provider to provider, as does the cost. It is important to do your research carefully in order to secure the most cost-effective package for your specific business needs.

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