business leased line

business leased line

Business leased lines

If your business is in need of an effective, dedicated fixed-bandwidth communications line that offers high speed and proven reliability, then you have come to the right place.

At Cloud 4 Sure, our dedicated experts can talk you through the options available and help you secure the right system for your individual business needs. Read on to find out more about how leased lines work and how we can help you get set up.

What is a leased line?

A leased line is a fixed bandwidth, dedicated symmetric data connection that links locations together, such as two or more offices and/or data centres. It uses the same technology as fibre-optic business broadband by sending light pulses down a fibre-optic cable, but is only accessible by one business.

Businesses that use a lot of data typically install leased lines to carry both data and phone calls via the Internet, as well as to connect PCs and servers across multiple offices or locations.

The system can enable staff to work remotely, e.g. from home, by linking their laptop, PC or mobile device directly to the company’s main servers. Business leased lines are, by their very nature, dedicated services, which means that they are reserved for your business’s sole use, along the entire length of the bandwidth.

This tightens security considerably and prevents disruptions from outages or issues around peak times when other customers on the same ISP as you log on at the same time, causing the internet or telecom systems to slow down.

How leased lines can help your business

Put simply, the fixed bandwidth connection provided by a leased line will enable your business to access a service that is above and beyond what you can expect from a standard business broadband connection.

They are symmetrical in nature, meaning that they offer exactly the same upload and download speed. This helps your internet service to run more smoothly, thanks to the enhanced reliability of fixed bandwidth performance.

They are not shared with any other users, meaning that you can improve your security for sensitive phone calls and share data files with more confidence that their contents will remain private.

You can enjoy greater confidence in email protection too. All of this frees more people up to work remotely and to enhance working relationships between sites, as confidential data can be emailed, downloaded and shared much more easily.

The dedicated nature of the service also means that you no longer have to worry about – or mitigate periods of slower upload and download speeds or an interrupted VoIP phone system brought about by having to share bandwidth with other users.

You can schedule large downloads – and uploads – with greater confidence, knowing that the bandwidth you need to complete the task will be there, ready and waiting.

Dedicated internet access UK

Leased lines offer a high-speed, reliable and above all, dedicated solution to data carrying and phone calls. The line is exclusively yours, with no requirement to share the bandwidth with other users who are not connected to your system.

It can link multiple locations across the UK and abroad for greater efficiency over more than one business office site, outlet or hub.

It can also reduce the need for people to physically travel to offices and other sites in order to review large, date-heavy documents en masse, or to spend ages getting to a meeting, when it can be held remotely, via a VoIP phone system over the leased line instead.

Whether you choose a commercial solution or a leased line for home, it can keep you connected to your work and your wider team, wherever you may be based at the time.

Why choose Cloud 4 Sure?

Cloud 4 Sure works with the leading commercial and companies leased line bearers to bring businesses the very best results in terms of speed, symmetrical upload and download capacities and security.

Leased lines are supplied with no form of traffic restrictions or limits as to usage. You can use it at full speed all day, every day with consistent speeds and uninterrupted performance whenever you need them.

You can choose the level of service required, including bandwidth size and speed. We can adjust these parameters as your contract progresses too, to help you keep pace with the individual requirements of your company as they rise and fall.

Our engineers will be happy to talk through your options and help you work out the right package to suite your needs and available budget.

Growing bandwidth power

One significant advantage to installing a leased line is the versatility it offers your company. Just as you can use a pipeline to transfer all kinds of things, so too can a business leased line circuit serve many different purposes.

If you are seeking to grow your bandwidth, there is scope for a range of connection speeds and service packages.

Think about what you are going to use your new Ethernet leased line for, and how you will need to grow your bandwidth to cope. Services range in speed, with packages delivering speeds of anything up to 10Gbps, although 100Mbps and 1Gbps are more common.

Businesses can specify how fast they need their leased lines to operate, and how you would like your bandwidth to grow to suit your short-term and long-term business requirements as they occur, in terms of both capacity and budget.

Leased line advantages and disadvantages

As with any business service, there are benefits and downsides to using a fibre leased line. They offer faster upload and download speeds, cutting out delays and allowing a consistent transfer of data and uninterrupted phone calls.

Connections do not slow down at peak times of internet usage, as the line is dedicated and reserved solely for your use.

Leased lines have also been proven to be more reliable than other, similar connections and the customer support behind them tends to be much more effective too.

You can tailor the service to your exact business needs, whether that means a greater emphasis on phone call functionality, enhanced email security, access to multiple sites for people working remotely or the ability to download very large files on a regular basis.

Disadvantages include a slightly higher cost when compared with ADSL connectivity, although prices are falling. It can take up to three months to install a leased line too, meaning that you will need to plan slightly further ahead before making the switch.

This is partly due to the fact that the installation itself is more complex than ASDAL, as it will require new circuits and is likely to be accompanied by some construction and redecoration work to physically connect up your location.

Leased line installation costs

Costs for a leased line will vary, depending on the chosen speed, provider and scope of functionality. If you have a fixed budget, or would like to discuss costs in more detail, speak to an expert at Cloud 4 Sure to find out what options are recommended.

You will need to factor in the price of the initial installation, as well as possible repair and redecoration costs if the line has to be installed separately within the office or site.

Customer care should be part of the overall financial package, but individual aspects will vary from provider to provider. Speak to Cloud 4 Sure to find out how to arrange the right range of services and ongoing customer care support for your business.

Different leased line providers

As with most, if not all business services, there are several options available when it comes to choosing your leased line provider. If you are unsure who to go with, Cloud 4 Sure can talk you through the different suppliers and what their packages comprise, from high-speed phone and data communications to email security and Office 365 backup facilities.

Virgin leased line services may well differ to Vodafone leased lines, for example, but it will be down to each individual business to decide what specifics take priority when choosing their preferred leased line bearers.

Working with Cloud 4 Sure offers the added reassurance that all of the carriers worked with will have been assessed for suitability and customer support. Cloud 4 Sure also have service level agreements in place to offer added support.

As part of the SLAs, customers can expect members of staff from both Cloud 4 Sure and the leased line provider working on any issues, regardless of fault or the time of day. In the event of an unsatisfactory outcome, you will be issued with service credits.

Get in touch with Cloud 4 Sure today

If you would like to find out more about business leased lines and the product options available to you and your business, call Cloud 4 Sure today. An expert will talk you through what’s recommended and get the ball rolling for your new business leased line installation at your convenience.