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Office 365 Backup

Email Backup
Office 365 Exchange brings the strength of Microsoft Office to the cloud, but it also brings with it an unwanted factor of risk. Office 365 Exchange does not have the daily backup and archiving process necessary so that you can restore data after its been manually or automatically removed from the rubbish bin. When you add to the equation the opportunity of unexpected malicious activity or data corruption triggered by 3rd party software synchronization, it is clear that your Office 365 Exchange data could be unintentionally lost without the choice of recovery!

Sharepoint Online and OneDrive Backup
SharePoint on-line and OneDrive for Business are powerful cloud-based collaboration and storage services. However, they lack the essential ability to recover documents once they've been delete off from the rubbish bin. Our backup solution protects all of your SharePoint sites and OneDrive information with scheduled daily SharePoint/OneDrive backups to secure Amazon S3 storage.

back up important business data onto the cloud

Backup to the Cloud

In todays decentralised network environments its important to ensure that
your company data is backed up. The service performs automated differential
backup and restore functions including block-level deduplication,
compression, and encryption.

Complete Data Protection
- Single account controls multiple devices or users
- Fastest transfer provides the best user experience
- More that just a mirror -archiving, retention, and compliance

Industry Leading Technology
- Infinite scalability ensures against growing pains or performance issues
- Virtualised back-end allows us to identify and immediately integrate the
latest/greatest, passing value directly to end users.

- Allows users to extract more value out of their backup all files are available,
searchable, and sortable.
- Connect to your data when you are on the road and to shared data from
different locations.