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Email protection

Businesses the world over rely on email to communicate with customers, suppliers and other key audiences. Email offers a simple method to send messages instantly and get replies wherever you are in the world, so long as you have a device that can receive them.

Yet, alongside the easy, instantaneous and ubiquitous nature of email there are risks that could compromise a business if left unchecked and unprepared for. The vast majority of cyberattacks start with an email that can look extremely convincing and can open the receiver up to such threats as spam, phishing, viruses, social engineering attacks, spoofing and fraud.

These can all cause significant harm to a business’s reputation, finances, data protection and confidentiality. The time to act against these risks is now, while you can consider your options carefully and calmly, rather than in the midst of a cyber crisis, when you will be too busy trying to fight the attack.

What is email security?

The good news is that there is plenty that a business can do to protect itself from damage via its email system. A raft of cloud-based software solutions exist that identify malware, phishing and other threats, as well as add layers of security, compliance, quarantine and deal with suspicious emails and shore up security and defence mechanisms around data and resilience of crucial digital files.

Using a cloud deployment model, your emails are backed up, stored securely and analysed to stop any threats getting through, such as phishing, spam, malware, spoofing, hacking and fraud.

This intelligent response offers huge reassurance and protection against what is a rapidly growing crime within the global digital arena. Threats can come from all over the world, but can also be managed more easily with strong email security measures in place.

Benefits of email protection

It goes without saying that protecting your business and personal emails against cyberattacks and outages should be a key priority of any business in these days of digital communication.

Doing so adds reassurance and reliability, allowing you to focus on business development and building your brand and reputation. As well as setting up a cloud deployment email security model that allows emails to still be delivered in the event of a main server failing, users can also install protection that quarantines mail that could carry a threat.

This gives them the power to view, release, block or delete messages safely without inadvertently compromising security or introducing viruses. Senders can be whitelisted or blacklisted to allow bona fide emails to come in and block those from suspicious sources.

We provide email protection solutions

Advanced threat protection

Just as the name suggests, an advanced email protection service offers an enhanced suite of functions that help keep your business emails safe, uncorrupted and, above all, private. Packages typically include safeguards against cyberattacks, phishing, malware, viruses, social attacks, spam and more.

You can defend against known and emerging email-based threats and enjoy the reassurance of having a team of experts on hand to help keep your communications safe and sound. You can present a professional service and brand to your customers and spend less time fixing e-mail related issues.

Enhanced data is also available to allow you to see records of spam messages intercepted, viruses blocked, number of emails sent or phishing and cyberattack attempts thwarted.

This helps you to spot patterns and be better prepared for advanced threats like ransomware and targeted spear phishing, which makes a single victim believe they are receiving emails from a trusted and known source, rather than phishing, which sends a corrupted email to multiple people who receive it as part of widespread, untargeted and seemingly random mailing list.

Email continuity

Email protection services enable your business to carry on communicating digitally without interruption. In the event of an outage, loss of connectivity or period of downtime, your email switches over to an emergency, cloud-based service.

This means that your business can continue sending and receiving emails 24/7, from anywhere in the world and on any internet-enabled devices until the main servers are back up and running.

Whether you are investing in a total email security package or simply purchasing an add-on or extension security package, being able to continue operating your email account and conducting business online will be a crucial part of continuing to trade, even during an outage or cyberattack.

Email archiving

Businesses that need to keep hold of old emails for tax, compliance, industry legislation or other reasons require a safe, secure way to archive the data without risk of it becoming corrupted, compromised or accessed without permission.

Seeking a tamper-proof solution is key, as is ensuring full cloud-based back-up for added reassurance and safe long-term storage. Having a robust email archive solution also protects your business from losing valuable data in the event of a disaster, as well as ensuring continuity of email delivery services if the mail server is interrupted.

Just as paper storage and transparent ‘paper trails’ were critical in the pre-digital days of commerce, so too should we all pay careful attention to the storage and accessibility of our digital communications software and email records.

Email encryption

Email encryption adds greater protection and defence by encrypting, or disguising the content of a user’s email message so that they cannot be read by unauthorised parties. This is particular important to prevent a data breach of messages containing sensitive data, such as bank details, passwords, employee records and personal data, including addresses, phone numbers, social media log ins and phone records.

It is strongly advised to encrypt all of your emails, rather than just the sensitive ones, however, as a partial encryption could alert hackers and cyber criminals to the fact that there is valuable information being exchanged.

The process works via a PKI (public key infrastructure) that is used to encrypt and decode the message. Each user has their own public and private keys in the form of digital code. The public key encrypts the data and the private key then decodes it. It can also digitally ‘sign’ it so you can trust that it comes from the person that the email says it does.

Protection from spam and malware

Spam is the name given to unwanted, unsolicited emails and digital communications, sent to people’s in-boxes in bulk. As its most benign, it can be advertising that can be irritating, especially if received multiple times.

However, at the other end of the scale, spam can be highly damaging, especially if it contains malware, is trying to get people to fall for a scam or is part of a phishing campaign designed to steal valuable data like banking details, passwords and personal security information.

Malware operates by introducing viruses and other harmful programmes onto your computer or device, which can cause it to freeze, become overwhelmed by pop-ups and harmful files or shut down completely.

Malware is often found lurking behind links that people unwittingly click on. In order to keep your emails free from such threats, you need a robust email protection system that identifies and blocks such emails from getting through to your in-box and on into your IT system.

Secure Office 365

Email protection packages that include Office 365 protection enable the user to seamlessly integrate the security features that protect their email communications to cover the other functions of Office 365.

In addition, there are several steps you can take to add even greater security to your Office 365 files, including setting up multi-factor authentication, using dedicated admin accounts, stop auto-forwarding for your email and keeping up to date with the latest scams, phishing techniques and cybersecurity best practices.

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