office 365 backup

office 365 backup

Office 365 back-up

Cloud-based working and innovations such as Microsoft Office 365 have brought huge benefits to businesses, not least the ability to work remotely and plug into the system to access emails, files and resources at any time. It has also, however, brought with it a level of false reassurance that our work will always be accessible, thus making backing up your work seem less pressing.

Don’t be too complacent, however. Backing up your files, email mailboxes and work is just as important as ever. Glitches, downtimes and outages still occur online more frequently than anyone would like – often with no warning whatsoever, which can seriously compromise productivity. It is crucial to be able to access your resources and keep in touch with your contacts and appointments another way, without losing the results of all your hard work.

What does it mean to back up Office 365?

In the most basic of terms, a back-up is a copy of important data that can be accessed in a different way than the regular online access. It enables the data to be recovered in the event of online outage, server failure, hardware malfunction, accidental or deliberate deletion or corruption of files or folders that makes them impossible to open, move or read.

Office 365 comprises email, written documents, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, videos and more. All of which are vital to back-up in order not to lose the valuable data and records they contain. When you create a Microsoft Office 365 back-up, it is like having a duplicate business running quietly in the background.

An effective system should allow you to search through your previous Office 365 documents, files and emails easily and to restore them to work on them as required. It is not the same as archiving your records – that process moves selected key files into a form of longer-term cyber or physical storage to save space, or to adhere to legal requirements for retaining records.

Backing up copies all of the original data in a way that allows you to access it quickly and easily in case you need to restore it or work on an older version. It often comes with a search facility to retrieve files more quickly and tends to focus more on more recent documents – much older files are more commonly archived if they still need to be kept.

Why back up your company’s Office 365?

Backing up Office 365 is an essential part of ensuring business continuity, and can offer added protection, should you become a victim of a cyberattack or malicious hack. Email has become ubiquitous in terms of a global communication method and very few, if any, businesses can now function effectively without it.

Backing up your mailboxes takes away the fear that your emails will become lost, corrupted or permanently inaccessible. It can also help you get back deleted items that you may have inadvertently disposed of, moved to your device’s trash can in error or lost during a system migration. You can also use back-up services to access previous versions of documents that you may have updated and re-saved, but now need to access an earlier edition.

Yet another reason for backing up Office 365 and the contents of your email mailbox is in case you need them in the future for litigation purposes. Many sectors require businesses working within them to retain records safely for possible future analysis or legal defence. The same goes for tax records and accounting resources for self-assessment purposes and PAYE – all key data to keep hold of in a safe place.

Cloud 4 Sure Microsoft Office solutions

Many people ask the question: does Office 365 back up your data? The system does not, in fact, have an automatic, in-built daily back-up or data archiving functionality, so it is crucial that businesses find a different way to sort this out. Cloud 4 Sure can help companies looking for a robust, straightforward system that can cope with backing up files, folders and mailboxes for optimum security.

Cloud 4 Sure can ensure that your valuable data will be kept safe and backed up regularly to retain the most up-to-date versions, ready for when you may need to access them again. Services include complete data protection with a single account controlling multiple devices or users and fast data transfer.

The team uses industry-leading technology that offers infinite scalability and excellent online support. Cloud 4 Sure’s services enable clients to access their backed-up data wherever they are, at any time, with a searchable, sortable storage system for ease of use.

Office 365 back-up best practices

There are many things you can do to improve the quality of the backups you create, and to help safeguard your data and email functionality.

Backup data as soon as possible

Ideally, you should keep your back-ups as up to date as possible, so get into a habit of updating them regularly – perhaps make a diary note to do them first thing, or set them running when you have your daily lunch break.

Deleting emails or files?

If you are deleting files, think carefully before clicking on the icon that permanently destroys them. Should you really be deleting that file or email? Avoid deleting too many files or folders at once.

Cloud based solutions

For small businesses with limited resources, it is important not to compromise on this vital aspect of your cloud-based working. Invest in a good quality back-up system for reassurance, flexibility and business continuity. Shop around before committing to a system. Ask yourself how much protection you need, how many files and emails you will typically be backing up and who will need access to the restored data.

Choose a reliable backup provider

Make sure you choose a scalable solution to grow alongside your business and offer greater versatility. Watch out for hidden costs too – always go with a trusted cloud back up service provider for Office 365 who will offer you a transparent pricing strategy and dedicated, professional support.

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